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EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:12 pm
by simfreak
So i decided to build a new computer and since i had a EXOS LT sitting in the closet from a failed WC experiment i decided to use that and give water cooling a second chance.
My system is a 3770k - 680 - 680 no over clocking; Im using 13mm hoses. The exos is sitting about 3ft from the computer behind my monitor. The vertical rise is about 3.5ft from floor to exos; The system has been bled of all air.
It seems that when everything is idle the watercooling works great. However when i play a CPU intensive game (in this case shougun 2) temps go through the roof; I quit playing when the CPU temp hit 153f and the idle cores hit 120f; The 680's were also running at about 140 , I have run quick benchmarks when the water temp is low to confirm that my termal paste is making proper contact, where during the benchmarks the cpu/gpu temps stay withing about 10-15 of ambient.
At the time of testing the room temp was about 80f.

Once i kicked out of the game and waited 20 mins the water temp seemed to have dropped to about the 105f range.

Since shougun seems like its single threaded (and that one thread uses 100% of the core its using) im suspecting the pump in the EXOS isnt moving the water fast enough and its baking to long over the cpu. Either that or the radiators arnt good enough.

Re: EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:48 pm
by Ace0751
That exos lt does not have enough power to cover both of those cards and the CPU. The 680s are power hungry and so is the new CPU. The lt can probably cool the CPU and that's it or possibly the 680s but it won't cool both. You also have to consider adding another radiator and pump but i would not recommend doing that. Your best bet is getting a dual bay res and setting up a parallel loop.

Liquid cooling is not as easy you have to take the time and sit down and plan your loop out. After that you always need to double check everything. The temps for the 680s should be around 40-50c max 50c on a very hot day. My 6990 on a very hot day will be around 45-48c. As for the CPU I don't know much about where the temp should be but I would guess between 45-50c under load and between 30-40c on idle. If you are having temps that high what you were saying then the lt can't be able to handle it without extra equipment. You also have to consider the ambient temp in the room you pc is in and also the temp in your pc. I hope you cleaned out the radiator to cause dust buildup in the rad will make it harder for the warm air to dispense out. I hope this helps a bit

Re: EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:42 pm
by simfreak
Stupid thing logged me out for inactivity; I had a whole things typed out.

Long story short; I re-ran some tests. 1 being a CPU load test and after 10 mins only saw a 1C increase in water temp;
Installed MSI afterburner and fired up shougun and saw that both gpu's were at 100%. Starting water temp 30c load gpu temp 50c; after 20 mins water temp 50c gpu temp 70c.
Seemed pretty stable there. But with the water temp already being at 50c the cpu temp also went up to 71c.
So there seems to be a pretty linar of 20c between water temp and core temp when there is load.
When there is no load core = +5c or so;
Either way, it definatly causes the room to warm up;
I think the overall solution is going to be to add on to the system. Maybe a second exos that i can mount into the window and blow the hot air out.

Now that would be a cool new way of water cooling; a window mount unit that has polarity reversal on it; so it can either blow hot air out or suck cool air in.

Re: EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:25 am
by Izerous
Ace like usual hit your issue on the head. Your using something that LT unit far beyond it's cooling capacity, it was never designed to handle as much as your putting it through. The LT is appropriate for things like dedicated to a CPU for to a console like a 360/PS3.

The radiator is too small, the pump depending on the version of the LT series you have is probably meeting the minimum flow requirements though, it will most likely not handle booster radiators however.

Re: EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:40 am
by simfreak
Hopefully my other post makes it to the board before this one;

So i have come to the unfortunate conclusion that everyone is right and this unit is just too small for what i am doing. Now here is part 2 of the question.
Would i be better off getting a ERM-3K3UC or building a dual loop system?
This is what i have as a parts list for a dual loop system:
2x 450s
1x CTR-CD12 fan control only for the 1320's
1x CTR-SPD24X2 24v pump control
1x RP-452X2
and about 20 3pin extension cables;
The reason for the powerful pumps is for distance. if i do this, i think im going to mount the 2 radiators in the window. its a sliding window that slides left to right and is about 5ft off the ground. Since i live in a mild climate it shouldn't be a big deal.
The Loop would be CPU - GPU and GPU - MB
Still keeping the 13mm 1/2x5/32 tube.
Surprisingly the dual loop system will be about $300 cheaper than doing the bigger 3k3uc.
Again, the goal is to have a quiet system that keeps things cool. The whole reason for water cooling for me was to have little to no fan noise, keep the pc in the cubby hole.

What do you think?

Re: EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:16 pm
by Ace0751
I would like to know what kind of case you have cause if your going with that kit you will need a pretty big case. I would go with the 3x120 rad which will fit in most full size cases and if you want you can put one on the inside and make a kit for the outside. I am on my phone so it's a little hard to help you on this lol but when I get home I can guide you a little more and give you the advice between the two systems you are thinking about.

Re: EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:50 pm
by Izerous
If your going to go with that approach... 2x ENC-480 would be an ideal addition to those KIT-EHX1320CUV units.

Essentially your going so far overboard that temperatures should never be an issue again which is what I did last time I made changes to my loop. However instead of going parallel loops and multiple radiators to contend with I used the HX-1080 (9 fan rad) and mounted it to the outside side panel of the case, and simply put everything in serial with 2x 450S. Put in a few quick disconnects and it is less maintenance than having multiple loops.

Going the same way I did is also going to be easier if you are window mounting the radiator because it is only 1 piece to contend with instead of 2 radiators and 4 hoses.

Re: EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:58 pm
by Ace0751
I would agree with IZ you should go that route unless you have $1400 to spend on the ERM system and that's including all of the fittings, tubing, and coolant. It will be about $1600 total if you include all of the blocks, i would go with the dual bay res with the pumps and the 9x120mm rad with the fans. But its all up to you on how much you want to spend and how well you wanted your loop setup. The only problem with the extension cables is it will decrease the RPM for the fans. I say that is because I used to to have those extensions and it decreased the RPM especially if they are three different fans. In my opinion I would go with IZ suggestion and maybe add another 2x120 rad in the series loop right after the CPU so it would be something like this: Dual bay>CPU>MB>2x120 rad>450s>GPU>GPU>Dual bay. With this series loop you will never have a problem with heat or flow again and you will spend a lot less. Probably save $400 if not more.

What kind of case do you have and also kind of motherboard do you have it will give us a better understanding on if you really need to cool the NB on the board.

Re: EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:14 pm
by simfreak
Sorry if the post is delayed; im still new to the forums and the mods have to approve it first.

So this is the full setup:

Case: Coolermaster - Stormtrooper
CPU: 3770k
MB: Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3
Corsair XMP 1866 16GB (4x4)
Zotac GTX 680
Zotac GTX 680
2 OCZ Vertex 3s RAID 0
Enermax EPM850EWT
Doublesite 30" IPS monitor

The monitor itself can heat the room, so im trying to run cool and quiet w/o too much noise (makes it hard to work);

Re: EXOS LT - Too small?

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:11 am
by simfreak
I think im going with a ERM; After doing up the parts list for everything, the cost is almost the same at this point. With costs being the same, its a lot less messy to have a all in one unit instead of voltage converters, fan regulators, fan extension cables re-routing all my tubing etc etc. having 19ft of head pressure, im sure it will handle the extra 4 feet to move it into the window especially since the until with be higher than the computer so i will get a good gravity boost.