My New Build plans

Complete water cooling systems (for example: Exos-2.5, PC5-1336, etc.)...
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My New Build plans

Postby Maverick Wolfe » Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:15 am

1.CPU 380A
2. 1 2x120x53mm
3. 1x 140x53mm (Future)
5. 5-1/4" Dual bay Res
6. Pmp 450S
7. Fillport
Using 1/2" barbs, PrimoChill 1/2" tubing and Automotive style worm clamps. This will be installed into an HAF932 and replace a Coolermaster V10 Hybrid TEC cooler as it's cumbersome to install and re-install, I do love the chiller but it's ridiculous to keep using this thing. I also will add in Ram Blocks, replacing the spreaders on my Gskill Sniper ram. But I want to know if anybody has ever used the asus Vreg stuff on an MSI 990FXA GD80 Motherboard or other MSI board with the same layout? This would also be something additional for me to put into my loop that I'd like to try if possible. I will also be replacing ALL of my stock Coolermaster fans with BitFenix 140MM Pro and 230MM Pro fans to add extra Cooling capability within the case to ensure the video card(s) do not put additional heat into the system when cooling it. My Radiator will be mounted to the top of my HAF932 with the nearly 200CFM 38MM thick 120mm fans. The entire loop at first will be chilling just an FX8350 processor but I want it chilly as I do alot of graphics intensive gaming, I also DJ and I do alot of High end Picture enhancement and take pictures at full 1080x1920 resolution within a 3D social network called Second Life. I will eventually be dealing with Mesh rendering and obviously need my system very chilly for these tasks. I also need a refresher on Rad's in serial or if I should run a Radiator in the middle of the loop for when I decide to buy the 140MM radiator and stick it into the loop.

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