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Temp Sensors

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:40 pm
by Kiaser Sosay
Hi all i have a question When setting up the sensors on the water blocks and following the instructions . I seem to get a different reading on my 1055 sensors say vs what MSI afterburner says. for example at ide ( staring at the descriptor) i see a plus 5 degrees difference between the 1055 reading and afterburner ( afterburner showing more heat) Under load its even more of a drasitic difference ( plus 15 too 20 degrees ) . Would this be a the sensor placement? is this normal . Also i ahve discovered the ch1 on the Slot Adapter, Exos-2/V2/LX/2.5/EXT-440/ERM-2K is dead you think maybe that s the issue?

Re: Temp Sensors

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 1:43 pm
by Izerous
There are a bunch of postings about temperate differentials but they are all quite a bit older.

You will always see a difference in temperate between a physical sensor and a software sensor. The software sensors (afterburner etc) are using a temperature probe built into the component itself and it will always read higher. The external one you attached is reading the surface temperate of the water block which is not the same thing.

Typically they are around 10'c different from each other, but they typically move by the same amount. ie if afterburner jumps 20'c the external sensor you attached should read close to a 20'c jump as well so a 5' difference to a 20' difference seems like it might be a bit much and the sensor or block may not have perfect contact.