Original EXOS still kickin!

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Original EXOS still kickin!

Postby Xebec » Wed Oct 19, 2016 5:47 am

I just wanted to post that my original circa-2003 Koolance EXOS is still working great!. It does seem to require a very small top off of fluid every 12 months, but other than that I just dust it solidly every 6 months, and I'm still enjoying it!

The first system it saw was a P4-2.6C Northwood, which I OC'd to 3.5 GHz for 24/7 duty, and included were a chipset block, and a "GPU" (really a generic block) for the 9800Pro I had at the time (I believe running at 460 mhz, where ~ 430 was the limit on air). Case was a Superflower SF-201B.

After several years of service, I put it in a box for about two years where I ran a Core 2 Duo E6600 via the stock air cooler. Afterwards, the EXOS came out to water cool a Q9300 (which gained another ~ 300 mhz over air thanks to lower temperatures).

Currently it's cooling an i7-2600K that I bought on launch day (January 2011); the CPU has seen as high as 5.0 Ghz / 1.42 volts for benchmarking, but is settled on a 4.6 GHz / 1.3x volt duty for gaming. This is a VR rig so I'll likely be upgrading again soon and keeping the EXOS for a Kaby Lake or Zen setup next year. Current case is a Corsair Carbide 500R.

Anyway, thanks Koolance for buiding this awesome product! The unit i still nice and quiet (original fans, running on low) and works great!

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