Which tap for Threading Adapter G4FG8M?

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Which tap for Threading Adapter G4FG8M?

Postby Unicorn » Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:34 am

I have a pair of old VID-NX295 graphics card blocks in for service at the moment (I built the machine 4 years ago, this is its third loop service it's had in that time) and the coolant I switched to last time has left some hard crystals in the threads of the acrylic center block. As far as I know, the adapter used on this block is a G4FG8M, 3/8 male to 1/4 female adapter. The crystals won't dissolve with anything other than IPA which I can't use on this part of the block, so I want to run a tap down through these threads to clean them out. I tried my G3/8 (BSPP) x 19 tap and it seems extremely tight, so I didn't force it down through the acrylic thread. I drilled and tapped a 3/8 hole in a scrap of metal and tried screwing the adapter into it, but it seems quite loose, as though the tap size was wrong. 3/8x19 is the only 3/8 BSPP tap that I know of or own - can anyone help me out with this so I can get this block looking like new again and let the owner get another year out of it? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Which tap for Threading Adapter G4FG8M?

Postby Izerous » Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:26 am

Kind of late to respond to this but I would honestly try some light vinegar in water on the crystals.
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