QD3 question

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QD3 question

Postby nillie » Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:57 am

I know there are similar topics to this one listed on here, but seeing as every build is different i just want to make sure i pick the right Quick Disconnect Fittings and accessories for my particular build.

I currently have a basic watercooling loop containing a Pump/reservoir combo, a CPU block, a 240mm radiator and a GPU block. I was looking to expand my loop with a second 240mm radiator and a secondary micro reservoir just for show. I am also upgading my GPU to a newer card in the future, but seeing as my wife complains if i spend too much money on computerparts, i am going to wait with the card till next month.

I will start upgrading my loop this month and add the new graphics card and waterblock later, so i was planning to connect my current GPU with quick disconnects, so it will be easier to integrate the new card later on.

My tubing is 10-13mm (10 ID). Which products (QDC + compression fittings) would i need to assure my GPU can be quickly disconnected, and in what order would i install them into the loop? The GPU block is placed directly behind the CPU block in my loop.

Thanks in advance for the help !

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Re: QD3 question

Postby Izerous » Wed Sep 30, 2015 8:36 am

You need to think of QDC fittings as exactly the same thing as fittings for your water blocks. The only difference being the connect to each other, you can even imagine a small water block between the QDC fittings.

-The simply but not as pretty way is to drain the system and use a pair before and after the card. cut the tubing remove extra length to make room for the QDC's attach and re-fill loop.
-The other way is to still drain the system but remove the fittings from the card and use threaded QDC fittings attached to the card then tubing ones connected to that.

I always suggest keeping a consistent order of gender though. ie M(a)->F(b)-> video card -> M(c) -> F(d). Then the video card can be fully removed and you can still seal and continue using the computer resulting in M(a) -> F(d)
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