In the HD60 2nd Hd pack what is steel plate used for?

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In the HD60 2nd Hd pack what is steel plate used for?

Postby IceHappy » Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:09 pm

HiYa Koolers

I am now convinced that for right now I need a HD60 HDD water block and HDC2-AO1 2nd drive kit. There is no manual for the 2nd drive kit so I am wonder why there is a steel containment plate as well as the additional thermal material. I have found a supplier here in the UK that has Qty 1 HD60 and Qty 3 Solidifying Thermal Compound. Under the description of the Solidifying Thermal Compound only shows the package of thermal compound no steel containment plate. I understand if you change your HDD for another make or size that you would need an additional Solidifying Thermal Compound ergo this is not the 2nd drive kit.

I cannot work out in the pixs I have seen what the steel containment plate is used for. Many thanks for heads up!!!!!

Strike the above looking at the instructions for the HD60 I see duhhhhh that the containment plate holds the thermal compound next to the circuit board side of the Hdd.

I don't understand why a supplier of Koolance will sell a HD60 and additional thermal compound but NOT the 2nd Hdd kit!!!!

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Re: In the HD60 2nd Hd pack what is steel plate used for?

Postby bambihunter » Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:20 pm

Basically the thermal material is like expanding foam if you've used it before. The containment plate is to allow it to expand up to that point. The idea is that dead air space acts as an insulator and thus doesn't transfer heat very well. The "encapsulate" will fill this air pockets with a thermally conductive material and the containment plate keeps it from getting too big, or getting all nicked up once created. It also seems you can mount the second hard drive to it inverted.
We'll see if this link will post directly:

If not, go to choose pictures, and scroll to pic 4. It will show the plate and the encapsulate.
They would sell additional encapsulate if you get different hard drives (since the shape of the encapsulate will be set once mixed and dried).

The only thing I don't like about using the 2nd hard drive kit is then every other drive is upside down and the cables are all flipped back and forth. It doesn't make for a streamlined install...
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