2xHX-1080 Enclosure

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2xHX-1080 Enclosure

Postby Izerous » Tue Apr 04, 2017 1:13 pm

I have had two HX-1080 mounted to my side panel of my 800D. I always planed on building something from scratch then a Corsair 270R popped up for a pretty good price so I took a drill and saw to it over the weekend.

I planed on sneaking them through the side panels and fit the resiviour and dual pumps inside the enclosure but after some test fitting that wasn't going to work the way I wanted. So I cut the back out of the case and picked up some scrap steel and I'm going to make the equivalent of a sliding motherboard tray to make working on it a bit easier.

Still left to do
-Finish sliding tray assembly
-some filing on the cut edges and some touch up paint
-mount some PWM control boards
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