Gigabyte x58a-UD7 & dual 5970s Liquid Cooling System

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Gigabyte x58a-UD7 & dual 5970s Liquid Cooling System

Postby Balthazor » Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:53 pm

This is actually a re-build of a Puget Systems computer; I stripped out almost everything and built it from the ground up using new components.

I chose the Gigabyte x58a-UD7 because it is one of the few motherboards that lets you use two PCI-E x16 slots at full speed while still having room for two x1 cards - the Killer and the X-Fi, in my case (pun unintended.) To use both of the top PCI-E x1 slots I had to replace the stock motherboard chipset cooler with an EK full-cover water block, as otherwise the stock cooler blocks the top-most PCI-E x1 slot.

I also added in a Koolance TMS-200 control board, which can be mounted in a 5.25 bay and connected internally using a motherboard USB header. This board has connections for sensor inputs and control headers for fans and a pump. I connected a Koolance FM-17 flow sensor to it (right before the EHX-1320 radiator), as well as five temperature sensors, including a Koolance inline water sensor (right after the chipset.) The TMS-200 allows me greater control over pump and fan speeds, letting me ramp up cooling only when necessary based on the temperature sensors.

Components used:

Antec P193 case
Gigabyte x58a-UD7 motherboard
Intel 980-x CPU
2 x Sapphire 5970 OC
Creative X-Fi Titanium Champion
Killer 2100
6 x 2GB Kingston RAM (@ 1600 MHz / 8-8-8-24-2T)
1200W Thermaltake Toughpower PSU
3 x 160 GB Intel X-25 SSDs
1TB WD Caviar Black HD
Blu-ray RW

EK x58a-UD7 full-cover block
Koolance VID-597 v2 GPU blocks
Koolance CPU-360 v1.1 block
Koolance RP-1000
Koolance TMS-200 Control Board
Koolance EHX-1320 4 x 120mm radiator & shroud (fans replaced)
Thermaltake TMG-1 120mm radiator & shroud
5 x Koolance 12025HBK 120mm fans (on the radiators)
Gelid Wing PL12 120mm fan (rear exhaust)
Notcua NF-P12 120mm fan (PSU / HD compartment intake)
200mm Antec (side intake)

I have the front 120mm fans and 200mm side fan as intake, with the top-mounted EHX-1320 in a pull configuration exhausting air, along with the rear exhaust fan. I changed the EHX-1320 to pull air out of the case because a lot of cat hair was getting sucked into the radiator, and it was causing quite a mess. Much less trouble with that now that I changed the fans' directions. My cat loves to sit on top of my computer, unfortunately.

Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image
Koolance TMS-200 / RP-1000 / EHX-1320 w/ HBK Fans / TT TMG-1 120mm Rad w/ Koolance HBK Fan / CPU-360 v1.1 / VID-597 v2 / EK Chipset Water block
Gigabyte x58a-UD7 / 980-x / 12GB RAM / 2 x HD5970
Creative X-Fi Titanium / Killer 2100 / Windows 7 x64

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