HAF 932 LQ questions

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HAF 932 LQ questions

Postby randall_flagg » Thu Aug 26, 2010 4:30 am

I'm going to attempt my first LQ system. I have a HAF 932 full case. I'm very happy with it and i have no intention of replaceing it. My problem is that both my CPU fan and 480 GPU fan are loud and run hot and I'd like to replace them with a quieter LQ system that would also increase OC headroom. The 932 case seems to be designed to accomodate a 3x120 mm radiator on the top internally. Just have to replace a big fan with 3 120s. BUT I thought that the reservoir should be mounted above the radiator... I'm thinking of cutting out a hole in the useless tray on the front/top of my case to install a cylindrical reservoir with the top rising above the top of my case, to make it the highest point in my system. Is this a good idea or am I totally off the wall? or should I just install a smaller radiator on the rear of my case instead on the big one on the top? I dont really want to do that i like the idea and look of the radiator on the top. And I know I'm eventually going to LQ everything, so I know that I'll need the capacity of a large radiator in time.
If I decide to mount the radiator horizontaly will I have trouble with air bubbles in the radiator? I know that air bubbles of course negativly impact heat disipation in a radiator on a large scale. But is it a big deal for these small systems? Or will the bubbles just get pushed out anyway?
After reading about series vs parralel system it seems that just running everything in series is fine in most LQ situations. This kind of came as a surprise to me. I work in an industry where water cooling our heavy equipment is very common, but we'd never attempt to cool anything in series because the heat added from the heat exchangers on each piece of equipment would negativly affect the cooling ability on each piece we would try to cool after it. So where is the line? how much should i try to cool in series before i should add another loop?
As it is I have only 1 480 to cool so should I put it in the loop before or after the CPU? would it change when i eventually install a second 480?
While i was writing this i had another idea.... If i installed the fans on top of the radiator instead of below so they suck air through the radiator instead of pushing it I may be able to install 90 d elbows on it so that air bubbles escape through the holes which i could then set to be facing upwards... eliminating my air paranoia. But i know that the density of the air on the suction side of the fan is lower and lower density means poorer heat conduction. Opposite is true too. Better heat conductivity on the discharge side. Does this matter on small scale?
Also I've been reading up on the cooling loops people have used and I'd like details on the most efficient set up... or at least where to put my radiator in the loop.

Sorry if I'm being too anal about this. Like i said I'm familiar with LQing at an industrial level and there little differences in the system can cause huge problems.
So thanks in advance.

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Re: HAF 932 LQ questions

Postby VyperCA941 » Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:08 pm

I have a HAF932 case and this is what I did:
I have a 3X120mm rad at the top. This takes up the first 5.25 bay. So I have the Koolance RP-1000BK Pump/reservoir combo in bay number 2. The Rad really isn't even an inch above the reservoir, in fact, it's almost laterally positioned. I get very nice cooling even with my CPU, NB/SB chipset, and VoltReg all watercooled. I Idle at about 16-17C.

It depends on how much you wanna cool. If it's just your CPU and 2 GPUs, I would suggest splitting the series line to parallel lines before your devices. So, in one line, cool only your CPU, and the other line cool only your GPUs. It could look like this:
RP-1000BK > Rad > Splitter > CPU > return splitter> RP-1000BK and so on
\--> > GPUs> >--/

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