What else to cool & how to do it?

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What else to cool & how to do it?

Postby FiftyOne » Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:38 am

Hi guys,
Looking to do a fairly big Koolance build but I'm doing plenty of research on it all first.

The first system I was planning was a dual loop that then went to a 2+2 loop setup one side went;
pump1 > T > {mobo} & [cpu] > T > flow > rad
the other was
pump2 > junction > ram1 & ram2 & gpu > junction > flow > rad
Might be easier to have a look at the P&ID I scrapped up VVV here VVV

The next thing is I'm a little worried about splitting the flow too much (which is why I'm opting for dual loop in the first place) & also that cooling the ram may be a bit of overkill (as I believe most people say its a super extreme measure, so comments on this pls)
My other concern with this is should the T be eliminated from the pump1 loop, therefore making it pump1 > cpu > mobo > flow> rad ???

so the loop I'm thinking now is the following, which is basicly the same but minus the ram cooling. However, is there anything else in a system that's worth cooling? Dont want to do Hdd's but was half thinking of a Koolance PSU?

As a bit of background, all the parts are being sourced individually (ie, no kits for the build) and will be fully managed by a tms-205 & expander kit. No flashy lights, external pipes or rads. It'll look like an everyday gamer rig (minis lights) I'm also planning something special with the 2x120rad too.

Cheers guys

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Re: What else to cool & how to do it?

Postby Izerous » Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:50 am

To be honest a single decent pump the moment you no longer wanted to cool the ram can handle your second scenario... and the easiest setup would be serial with pumps in series. I would also mean only 1 drain valve required, and only 1 flow meter.

Pump/Res > CPU > Chipset > rad 1 > GPU > rad 2 > return
and toss a flow meter in somewhere and your temp sensors.
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