Split Systems

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Split Systems

Postby Kccomen » Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:13 pm

I created a really nice liquid cooling system and everything worked fine for a year. However, i did not liquid cool my GPU which has over heated twice in the last month. Im hesitant to make a single in line system and transfer all that heat from my GPU to my CPU before it hits my enormous radiator. I use 1/2 inch tube for the system as it sits. My question is, if I were to split the flow and have 2 lines after the pump, one to the CPU and one to the GPU, then merging and going to the radiator, would i need to use smaller diameter tube (after the split) (3/8? 1/4?) and would the tubing used need to be the same length to get equal flow to both? Im hesitant to do this because I dont want to buy something I dont need and I dont know what I need, so im asking some people that might know.


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Re: Split Systems

Postby Izerous » Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:34 pm

Don't bother going parallel with what you have. Serial is all you need. Parallel pathing is more useful when you have multiple identical items, such as multiple identical video cards, or multiple extremely high resistance items such as RAM/HDD coolers. To split it up wot go between the CPU and GPU is more of a waste and the flow rates on the CPU will be different than the flow rates on the GPU.
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