Seeking experienced advice

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Seeking experienced advice

Postby Cowbell » Thu May 01, 2014 7:48 pm

I'm looking to change my CPU cooler out. The cooler I currently have is a self contained cooler from Corsair. Looking into Koolance, I see some nice parts and Koolance seems to have a good reputation and components. I have in mind some of the parts I want to get, but I'm not certain on all the little peripherals.

My Rig:

Corsair 800D case
Intel i7 3960x (LGA2011)
1200W PSU
Asus Rampage IV Extreme MoBo

*Pretty sure that's all you need, if you need more info let me know

Koolance Components:
I'm looking to get a 3 fan radiator with either a double or single drive bay reservoir (haven't decided which yet). I'm not positive on all the small parts. Koolance seems to have done well on the "Add" window, but I started going and I seemed to get lost on parts that I had no idea what they did or where they would fit within my schematic.

My specific questions are:
Which CPU water block additions needed for the specs above?
Is a flow meter necessary?
What sort of fittings do I need for each?
Is a pump controller required or will the pumps just run without it?
Is it best to run the lines pumps>block>radiator or pumps>radiator>block?

Thanks in advance for the assist.

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Re: Seeking experienced advice

Postby Izerous » Fri May 02, 2014 3:48 pm

Cowbell wrote:Which CPU water block additions needed for the specs above?

CPU-380i has everything you need with exception to the fittings.

Cowbell wrote:Is a flow meter necessary?


Cowbell wrote:What sort of fittings do I need for each?

2 fittings for each item, the fittings need to match your tubing size, compression fittings are a lot better than barb fittings. Strait 45' 90' etc is more up to you and how you want to run the tubing

Cowbell wrote:Is a pump controller required or will the pumps just run without it?

A pump will run without a controller it will simply run at full speed. If you buy something like an RP-1005 it has a controller built in.

Cowbell wrote:Is it best to run the lines pumps>block>radiator or pumps>radiator>block?

Personally... Pump should be the first thing after your res. From there order is greatly debated however I always put the radiator last if it makes sense in the tubing routing. Life is earier especially when bleeding if you don't do a bunch of ups and downs as you need to get the air bubbles through all of it.
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Re: Seeking experienced advice

Postby Ace0751 » Fri May 02, 2014 4:19 pm

Mostly of what IZ said. I can comment about the dual bay res though this thing is a beauty once you get it setup right and you will need to buy the pumps to. If you go this route I would recommend the 450 not the 450s, the 450 has the speed you can adjust, with the 450s you need to buy speed controllers. You would also need the TMS 205 and its expansion board to, this will help manage the pump voltage, you can also add up to 6 fans that you can control and also 10 temp sensors. I would really recommend this if you do go with the single or dual bay res it will make your life easier.

The only downside to this is getting the air bubbles out of the loop but I can assist with that. I would put the radiator at the end of the loop cause it does make it easier when you need to clean it. Look into the new no spill quick disconnects also they will work wonders with you're loop. If you ever needed to get to a component quickly without disassembling you're loop QDCs are the quickest way to go and they also drain the loop better. With the fittings, compression would probably be best with some 45* angle fittings.

This is a whole new animal compared to corsair, a lot more money spent in this area but the quality you get is great, rarely had any problem with koolance products.
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