Liquid cooling mid

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Liquid cooling mid

Postby MrEric01001 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:53 pm

I have been building computers for quite some time now, I am new to liquid cooling and modding however. With the computer i will be builidng in a copule omf months I wanted to go with a custome liquid cooling system. As part of my mod I want to be able to push red beads through a seperate tubing system that wrapped around the liquid cooling tubing. I was thinking about using red zip ties to secure the three tubing. The liquid cooling tubing will be clear and instead of using a red solidifying solution for the liquid I was thinking about wrapping led lights aroudn the liquid cooling tubes so that I could see the red beads flow around the cooling tubing much better. The idea behind the mod is to make it apeear that the computer is alive, which is why i chose red blood cells to flow around the liquid. anyway I was wondering if that would be a good idea, and if it is posible what pressure air pump should i use and what mfu should i go through to do so. I'm also going to be cutting out the side panel and adding in plexi glass. Another question I had was regarding the plexi glass, is there a special coating of paint i can use to coat the glass so that the only time people can see through the plexi glass is when the pulsating led's are glowing. the pulsating led's are a seperate led that are not going to b e wrapped aroudn the tubing i was thinking about wrapping the pulsating led's around the top and sides of the case. And Is there any type of switch I can use to control the rate at which the led's will pulsate , kind of like a fan controlling panel switch? if so what mfu and what parts should i go with?

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