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Re: Watercooled MasterCase Pro 5 PC Build

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:16 pm
by Mnpctech
Is your custom PC build ever truly finished? I wrestle with this

So, this is current state of my Cooler Master Mastercase 5 Gaming PC build. The paint finish is different, right? It was inspired by Steve McQueen's GULF PORSCHE 917 from his 1971 movie, "Le Mans." On my to-do-list is a full size clear window that mounts same way as Mastercase PSU shroud shown in my video with embedded magnets.

Re: Watercooled MasterCase Pro 5 PC Build

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:45 am
by Mnpctech
EEL Ambiense & Noobas4rus got me really interested in customizing mech keyboards after we did this Keyboard Modding Hangout,

EEL suggested a good mech KB that allowed custom keycaps for my Mastercase Racing 5 gaming PC setup, I've given my Qisan Magicforce "Blue ICE Crystal" 108-Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard custom keycaps that compliment my GULF RACING Porsche 917 theme.

The Magicforce Mechanical keyboard utilizes GATERON black key switches. It's really nice deal for $69.99, ... UTF8&psc=1 ... ch-one.jpg

EEL helped me with the layout for the gulf racing theme custom key cap order, $53.75 shipped from from WASD, ... orsche.jpg

Shift key was replaced with STICK SHIFT,
Escape = PIT
Backspace key = PADDOCK
Windows key = GULF OIL logo
Function key is number 5, for Mastercase 5 racing. ... he-one.jpg ... he-two.jpg

Re: Watercooled MasterCase Pro 5 PC Build

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:59 am
by ShortysPop1
Damn. Thanks for the post. I just bought a slew of parts and am under way on upgrading my cooling system. Doubt it will turn out as nice but man it gives me ideas for sure.