Selling Cooling systems (Exos and RP 1005)

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Selling Cooling systems (Exos and RP 1005)

Postby Ace0751 » Sat May 31, 2014 10:35 pm

I have these systems laying around not being used. The exos has not been used for over a year and now I am finally wanting to sell it. The res has no cracks but it may be a little dusty. I have two quick disconnects, one is the original that came with the system and another one that koolance put on themselves when I shipped out to them. The res had to be replaced due to the glue coming undone on the fittings so it was causing a leak.

The other system is my RP 1005, the res has a huge crack down at the bottom that because I had the top screw on it the whole time and all the pressure finally gave in and snapped it. Other than that everything else is fine.

I am selling these systems for anyone looking to do repair to them or someone that needs parts as I don't have any use for them at all so I am selling them as is. I also have a old RP980 that I don't ever use and a pmp400 also so if anyone is interested on salvaging these systems please contact me and we can talk about price. I will post pics soon to show what their condition are.
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