Selling Two GTX 780SC with Water Blocks ($800)

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Selling Two GTX 780SC with Water Blocks ($800)

Postby minuteman » Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:00 pm

eVGA GTX 780 HydroCopper Edition (Qty 2)
•Model: 03G-P4-2783-KR
•Firmware: Hydro Copper v80. •1163 MHz GPU Boost Clock
•6008 MHz Memory Clock

•Water Blocks: Koolance VID-NXTTN
•Original Boxes and contents included for both graphics cards and both water blocks.
•Original Air Cooling Heat Syncs also included
These graphics cards are the eVGA GTX 780 Super Clocked Editions with Koolance full coverage water blocks installed. Since they are water cooled I flashed the cards with the eVGA Hydro Copper Edition firmware image. The graphics cards and heat syncs are only one year old and very rarely used. I have two kids so I have very little time for gaming. They are in absolutely mint condition and never over-volted or pushed.

If you don't have a water cooling system and you want me to reinstall the air-cooling heat-syncs I will do that for you, just let me know ahead of time. If you run on air cooling I will have to flash the firmware back to the Super Clocked Edition which will result in 993MHz Boost Clock instead of the 1163MHz. On air cooling alone this is necessary. •Current Retail Price: $1260.00 (2 video cards + 2 water blocks)
•Your Price: $800.00 (you save $460.00)
•Cash or PayPal only
•Contact John (PM or Reply to post)
•These will sell fast, so if you want them come get'em quick!
•I will ship them anywhere in the USA

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