FS: GTX590 water blocks + 2x GTX285 SC with blocks

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FS: GTX590 water blocks + 2x GTX285 SC with blocks

Postby icer5160 » Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:08 pm

I have for sale the following:

2x Koolance GTX590 water blocks for sale.
I still have the original boxes and all the mounting hardware (screws, washers, etc).
These will also include 4x BSPP plugs/caps.
Note: When I put my 590s back on their original air-cooled heatsinks, I needed to use the included Koolance Thermal pads. The original air-cooling thermal pads were dried out and wasted. New thermal pad material will need to be purchased and cut to fit the water blocks/590s. Based on the originals, I believe you will need the 1.0mm thick pads found here

I also have for sale 2x EVGA GTX285 Superclocked edition cards with their respective Koolance Water blocks. The water blocks are currently mounted on both cards. I no longer have the water block packaging, however I do still have the original EVGA packaging and air-cooled heatsinks for both cards. The air-cooled heatsinks are in new (never used) condition.

The water blocks for both cards are in excellent condition. no scratches, corrosion, or leaks. I apologize for not having any pictures available at the moment. If there is any interest in these items, I'll be sure to post some pictures.

$80.00 for both GTX590 blocks + shipping
$100.00 for both EXGA GTX285 w/ Water Blocks, OEM heatsinks, and original packaging.

Thank You!

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