What 140mm fans work with TMS-205

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Water Pistol Grunt
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Re: What 140mm fans work with TMS-205

Postby simurg » Mon May 28, 2012 12:16 am

How can TMS-205 be a PWM controller with only 3 pin headers. Don't you need 4th pin for PWM? How about the control on RP-1200 or
RP-1005? Are they also PWM based fan controllers? This is confusing?

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Re: What 140mm fans work with TMS-205

Postby Jasonos » Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:06 am

So... Koolance, can you answer this disccusion?


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Re: What 140mm fans work with TMS-205

Postby [Koolance] Todd » Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:44 am

Koolance three pin fans receive a varied power input (modulation) where as other four pin PWM fans receive a constant power input and have a fourth control wire for the PWM signal. All our controllers (TMS-200/205, RP-1005/1200, CTR-SPD/CD) have been designed to control three pin PWM fans. Four pin PWM fans could work with our controllers but you'd need an special adapter to a three pin plug. Just wiring the power, ground and tach would only run the fan at full speed.

Non-PWM fans can still be powered by our controllers but they usually only operate well at full power. Under 100% power non-PWM fans don't always run or may not adjust speed well.

We don't actively maintain a compatibility list of fans due to the large variety available. I've noted the compatibility for the Noiseblockers and Yate Loons (perhaps we'll start a list in the future).

Strange that you were having issues with our FAN-14025HLED, sverreb. We've tested those fans with our controllers before. Did you buy them recently? There may be a problem with the fans you purchased or the TMS board. We'll try testing some current stock.

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