BitClockers Mineaway Video Card Giveaway - August 2011

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BitClockers Mineaway Video Card Giveaway - August 2011

Postby Team NexGen » Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:52 pm

The contest for August is here!
We'll be giving away an ASUS ATI Radeon 6970 Direct Cu II Graphics card to one lucky winner in the pool.


You do not need to enter to win. You must have a valid email address tied to your mining account (when you created it) and submit at least 1,000 shares in the month of August. Every share submitted between 8/1/2011 and 8/31/2011 will generate one ticket. Therefore, miners that submit the most shares over the month will have a better chance at winning. Shares and tickets will be aggregated by account and not by worker. You are free to use and create multiple workers.

On Monday, September 12th, we will draw 3 tickets with a random function in the #bitclockers irc channel. Tickets will be drawn using the python random function. The other 2 tickets are backups in the event the winner does not claim their prize. We will post a list of workers and ticket numbers for inspection about 48 hours before we random the winner.

The winner will be announced at the time of drawing and then be notified by the email address supplied with their account. Winner must respond within 5 days with a valid mailing address to receive their card. If we are unable to contact the winner via email their prize will be forfeited to the next winning ticket holder.

The drawing for this month's contest will be held LIVE Monday, September 12th 2011, at 6:30pm PST in our IRC channel. You can use the Live Chat link at the top to join us.

You can find a list of worker shares and ticket numbers for the PREVIOUS month's contest here:
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