dissapointed with Koolance

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dissapointed with Koolance

Postby JuanPabloCuervo » Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:38 pm


#1. Koolance discontinues some products too fast... for example HD6970 1.1 waterblocks.
#2. Customers cannot make a special order for discontinued products...
...why not.?
its just a G file, a block or copper,
they only have to load the G file in the CNC machine, press {"Play/Run/Start"} & the WaterBlock is Done.

if they do not want to make them, Koolance should give the G files for free.
someone could do them.

#3. Year 2012 & still no Software/Drivers for Linux {Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.}

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