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Swamp Cooler MKII - Geek Style

Postby Izerous » Fri Aug 14, 2015 10:00 am

Awkwardly enough this is cooling related but not really on topic...

I'm sure everyone without air conditioning has seen the redneck style swamp coolers. Take a cooler drill two holes duct one hole and attach a fan to the other fill with ice and turn fan on.

Well will all the spare parts laying around I decided to take it a step further. The only things I purchased was the cheapest cooler I could find (<$9 CAD on sale) and a really cheap submersible pump. Everything else was salvaged from spare parts laying around.

-Inside the cooler place submersible pump and fill with ice water.

-Tube running from pump out to radiator assembly and tube running back to cycle the water.

-Cut apart USB cable and used red/black wires to supply a 5V source.

-Took 4 molex to 3pin fan adapters and cut the fan wire off of one and connected it to the USB cable.
-Plugged all 4 adapters in together and attached fans.
-Plugged it all into the wall and let it blow cold air out of the radiator.

It does actually help cool down a small room and without the inherent added moisture content of a regular swamp cooler. I really need to use LOTS of ice and probably a larger cooler but was intended as more of a proof of concept. Get to fiddle with it more later. It's effective enough I can prep it and set it up in my daughter room before putting her to bed to make it a bit more comfortable.
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