Build Log and questions about if this will actually work...

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Build Log and questions about if this will actually work...

Postby Malion » Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:45 pm

Ok so I am building the ultimate enthusiasts rig right now and I am in dire need of some advice before i actually purchase all this liquid cooling for it. As this is my first time doing any liquid cooling I apologize for the noobishness of my ways.

First of all understand I am building this because I just want to have something this awesome not for any real reason it is like buying a really nice car it has no use but its awesome that you have it.

First of all here is the set up

EVGA SR-2 Mobo
2x intel i7 980x
4x evga nvidia GTX 480
12x 4GB 240pin DDR3 rams
2x Velociraptor 600GB 10k RPM drives

Thats basically it for what i want cooled, the way i wanted to run the cooling system is as follows.. (wish i could build a diagram maybe if someone knows of a program i could use it would be helpful!)

Starting off at the main source a ERM 2K3UCU going out into a splitter so both CPU's are given fresh coolant out of the CPU's into another splitter and into a 2x 140mm fan heat exchanger out of there into GPU 1 with close connects between all 4 GPU's out of there into another 2x 140mm fan heat exchanger leaving there to the north and south bridge block on the SR-2 (coming out soon i guess) out of there into a splitter giving both RAM set 1 and RAM set 2 equal cooling like the CPU's meeting back up in another splitter into a HD-60 for both of the HDD's then into the reservoir then into the main cooling unit.

That is the cooling system i want for this thing I got the case to handle it (only 2 cases and 1 case mod that can handle the board that big lol so the case is big enough for both radiators)

Now the problems i cant seem to figure out that i want in the system.

I want flow meters at 4 spots before and after each heat exchanger what to plug them into and how to control what needs to be controlled to increase the flow as needed (doubtful concidering the ERM 2K3UCU's abilities) how where and what to plug the temp sensors in to. Also if this will actually work at all anyway thanks for your time.


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