CPU-360 & CPU-370 Mounting

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CPU-360 & CPU-370 Mounting

Postby FlightSimDude » Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:21 am

I hate converting from metric to standard. So this post is relevant to US standard measurements. Hopefully my post helps :)

I have the CPU-370 block. The lucrative term "snug it down" leaves little advice to "what's correct?"

I've noticed several have asked "How snug is snug?" or "How tight is tight enough?" when tightening the thumb nuts down on these water blocks.

To end all curiosity I decided a picture was needed.
NOTE: MY MEASUREMENT is from the TOP of the waterblock mounting plate, to the closest (lower side) of the thumb nut. Which is 9/16 of an inch (See photo for clarification)


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Re: CPU-360 & CPU-370 Mounting

Postby [Koolance] James » Mon Jun 18, 2012 11:31 am

Hello FlightSimDude,

There's no exact answer for this question. You want to try to have the same tork on each of the thumb nuts, but it's going to be impossible to get the exact same tork on each nut, unless you have something to measure it with. Snug is a good word for describing the feeling of being near the correct tightness. Obviously being too tight could cause damage to the CPU itself, and being too loose will not provide efficient temperatures, due to lack of contact.

If you have the means, I'd recommend checking your temperature after an install to make sure you're happy with the temperatures. If you'd like to check your contact in a different way, you could always pull off the block, and check how the paste has spread. You're looking for a nice very thin spread of paste. Too much paste will hinder performance, too little will have lack of contact.

James B.
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