Liquid Cooling speakers?

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Liquid Cooling speakers?

Postby Captain » Sun Jun 15, 2014 11:58 am

Strange topic, couldnt find a really good forum to post. I have all koolance products, and I have another liquid cooling project coming up this fall. But I had an idea that I would like to liquid cool my 12" subwoofer for my 5.1 surround system.

Funny I know, but sometimes when I listen to my 'Gansta Rap' LOL! it tends to get a bit overheated. The driver in question is an Explore (sony knockoff) 500w peak, 250w continious that has given me at leat 10 yrs solid service in a 2.25 cuft vented box. and yes I only paid $5 LOL! I actually offered $30 - long story :)

Anyway its connected to a peavy professional 200w amp, and sometimes it does tend to get overheated especially when playing music for long periods, or really heavy bass. There is a crossover and parametric equalizer involved, so thats not the issue.

I was thinking I could probably liquid cool this for around $100 (I have a spare radiator). I was thinking of the PMP-300 should be more than sufficient. Its also an invetment I can always use it for something else later.

>>>> My question is how to couple the speaker magnet to the cooling system. I understand koolance is geared to computer cooling, and I would not hold them to any guarantee. This isnt exactly mission critical ok? But I like their products, and they have been reliable. I noticed the hard drive coolers look like they have a gel pak or something that couples the heat. <<<<<

Keep in mind the speaker has a hole in the back of the magnet so covering that would not be possible. I was thinking of wrapping tubing or some thermal pak or coupling around the magnet.

I know this is highly irregular, but I would entertain any thoughts. I have more speakers and amps I could hookoup. I just think it would be a cool project since there is no problem %85 of the time.

P.S. Realistic had Liquid cooled speakers in the 70's (heh, yeah, im old) :)


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Re: Liquid Cooling speakers?

Postby Izerous » Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:41 pm

To be honest depending on exactly how it is made I'd avoid the packs mainly to the subs massive vibration.

What happens is that liquid fills the foil packs and you essentially have a water bladder. Because of the massive vibrations chances are you would wear a hole into the foil causing it to leak and burst. The same thing might happen by wrapping tubing around it unless your doing hard copper piping. Any tubing you do place even coming out of the box will need quality grommets to not wear holes in the tubing.

I'd be more tempted to look at something like ... 29_148_108
or ... ath=29_149

Due to the variations in sizes for those two categories of water blocks. You might be able to get something in the size that would be able to mount in some fashion that won't let loose to the vibrations. I'd also be tempted to use compression fittings and actually glue them into the block so that they don't come loose. Then run some hoses out of the box to the pump/rad.
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Re: Liquid Cooling speakers?

Postby cerealkeller » Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:38 pm

I used to have liquid cooled subs and amp in my car. Made by Bazooka, here's a link to a page with a liquid cooled sub. Car audio, but maybe you could get inspiration from it.

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