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BKT-390A-AM4 adapter - screw holes wrong?

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:48 am
by JRoch
Am I missing something here? The new top bracket only has blind screw holes that don't go all the way through, which does not match up with the original plate's large, unthreaded holes that are properly countersunk for the screws that hold the actual cold plate together.


Original Socket AM3 plate on the right, and the new AM4 plate on the left.

Unless there is some wizardry to assembling this that is completely non-obvious, it is clear that this top plate bracket is simply wrong.

Which means I'll likely have to mount it in the drill press and put the right holes in it and then countersink them.

Advice, please, Koolance support dudes?

Re: BKT-390A-AM4 adapter - screw holes wrong?

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:59 am
by JRoch
Hmmm, I just noticed that the main water block says "CPU-380", which means this is likely my mistake of having an older version of the AM3 water block and not realizing it. I guess it's off to the drill press!

Re: BKT-390A-AM4 adapter - screw holes wrong?

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:46 am
by Izerous
Looking over the pictures for the CPU-390 it doesn't use those holes anymore but the shape appears to be the same but IIRC those 4 holes are what hold the CPU-380 together block together so it isn't something you can just skip and ignore. It looks like a drill press might be your best option.

Re: BKT-390A-AM4 adapter - screw holes wrong?

Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:51 pm
by JRoch
The blind holes on the bottom side were perfect guide holes for drilling through holes with a larger bit. Using a countersink bit I took the burrs of the bottom side and then gave it the properly recessed bevel for the mounting screws. It all went together nicely after that.

These events also afforded the the opportunity to clean out the inside of the water block, as I had bacterial problems initially a year or so back when I originally built the cooling loop. That was fixed by ignoring all the finicky advice about proper coolant mixtures and just using half distilled water and half antifreeze.

I run three different computers (a server in the basement, and two PCs upstairs) all connected to the same cooling loop, and all the fittings, water blocks, and tubing was purchased here on Koolance. All the quick disconnects were a bit pricey, but it makes it all easy to work on when need be.

Some pictures from when I first got it all up and running. The coolant is now antifreeze green by comparison.