VID-AR699 Performance w/HD 6990

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Re: VID-AR699 Performance w/HD 6990

Postby Jeff_K » Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:51 am

After diving (no pun intended) into liquid cooling for the first time in my life here as of two weeks ago for my dual 6990 GPU setup, I must say that it has been an interesting adventure so far. After scouring various forums and web sites on best cooling practices, I found that most answers lead to a 50/50 response as to the best choice you can make. But I will say as user's cases/parts/assumptions vary, so do the recommendations based on those items. I’ll summarize what seems to be the best overall answer for my setup that some may unfortunately disagree with.. I'll all ears for comments... (good or bad)..
- Goal(s):
1) Liquid cool two 6990 cards, in crossfire, on an new Asus P8Z68-V PRO Motherboard and inside a HAF-X case.
2) Hopefully enable quiet and still overclocked GPU operation
3) Keep case form factor with liquid cooling down to an invisible (not too noticeable at least) level with good cooling.

- Final Working Solution:
- Koolance parts: 6990 water blocks, dual-card adapter, ½” tubing, all stainless steal type compression fit nozzles, Koolance flow meter.
- Non- Koolance parts: (I do almost wish I went with the all in one Koolance top Rad/pump but oh well).
- Black ICeEGTX 360 Rad (109) & XSPC X20 750 Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir Pump. Both mounted internally to the HAF-X case.
- Large assortment of high quality fans as needed.
- I use Koolance coolant liquid.

- My 2800K CPU is separately cooled with a Antec Kuhler H20 620 Liquid cooling system.
- This is setup as a push-pull on this CPU RAD with air PULLED into CASE.
- For the GPUs, my Black ICE GTX 360 Rad is mounted INTERNALLY to the top of the HAF-X Case. It is setup with three lower PUSH fans and three upper PULL fans. So, yes, I pull any warm air OUT of the case upward not cool air into the case. This is a stick point for many but the way I decided to go for best overall internal case flow.
- My coolant pump directly feeds the RAD.
- For the output of the RAD, gravity pulls the liquid downward through a flow-meter and then into the top 6990 GPU with the two GPUs direct-connected.
- The second 6990 GPU output then flow directly back into the Reservior/pump.
- No parallel flow, all serial (determined to be the best overall solution that some may also disagree with).
- Oh, with a HAF-X case, I have two large fans pulling air in from the lower front of the case AND the side of the case onto the GPU cards (not that they need it due to the liquid cooling). This is my input cool air.
- I will also mention that I use a fan controller with temp monitoring that can manually or automatically control all fans minus the CPU cooler fans that are motherboard controlled. Worst case max manual fan speed is about as loud as one stock 6990 @ 50% speed fan noise, which is 100 times quieter than two stock 6990 running at insane 100% fan speed.

So far so good.. Maybe some temp benchmarks later but this setup is still very new versus what I had before. Only time will tell how well it really works in the end.

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Re: VID-AR699 Performance w/HD 6990

Postby ElGreco » Fri Jul 01, 2011 10:15 am

Kinst VonSterga wrote:
A lot has to do with your ambient room temperature and if your at full power in windows with CPU % clock setting always at 100% (though you mentioned your graphics card is on a separate loop). If your room is in the 70 degree (F) range, then the temperature range you stated is just fine. Your temps also are impacted by your fan speed + LPM for the liquid that your running through your radiator. If you are using a TMS-200 to control your fan/pump speeds, are they set to max regardless of temp reading? If so, then 35c is running hot at idle. Thermal liquid you use makes a difference too and volume of liquid in your loop. Assuming this is elementary knowledge, then the next step (as you mentioned) is if you applied the termal taping correctly.

If you're not using GPU-Z, go ahead and download/run it and view the temps for GPU, VDDC and VReg. My GPU and VReg temps are about the same. With that said, I can mimic your 35deg @ idle by lowering my fan speed and LPM and reach slightly above your 50 degrees under full load, full fan (1500 rpm) and full LPM (5 LPM). I can reach any desired idle temperate by adjusting the auto settings in the TMS-200.

Don't know if any of this helps.

So, what are your 6990 temps using a split loop?

I am thinking of using a single loop wth 2 mcp655 pumps in series for redudancy and a mora3 pro 9*140 to watercool my cpu 370, motherboard x58a-ud7 and the vd-ar699.

You believe i should go split loop, jeopardising the reddancy of 2 pums in series?

Thank you!

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Re: VID-AR699 Performance w/HD 6990

Postby catcherintherye » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:09 pm

Hi guys hope you can help me out. I just installed the VID-AR6999 and my VReg temperatures are high, 70+ for GPU 1 and in the high 80's for GPU 2. The card is hot to the touch. I installed the backplate on the card as well so that is the part that is hot. Any advice?

Where is the VReg located on the card anyway? It seems like it's video ram on the back of the card that is getting hot, which would make sense because the back of the card is not water cooled.

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Re: VID-AR699 Performance w/HD 6990

Postby Ace0751 » Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:22 am

Ya I believe that's where the ram in. Here are some steps you might of missed:

Did you put new thermal compound on the GPUs
How does your loop look, you need a nozzle on each side so it could be both nozzles on top, or one top and one bottom, or both bottom.
Did any of the thermal pads get torn up
Did any liquid get under the backplate
Did you install the crosses back in the GPU where they hold the cores. What I mean the two silver x's between the backplate.
Are your power connectors fully plugged in

My guess their might be enough pressure on the card to keep it cool.

Are those temps you mentioned in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
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