Rampage III Extreme how tight?

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Rampage III Extreme how tight?

Postby jriker1 » Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:14 pm

I know this motherboard cooler has been discontinued but have had my parts for a we bit of time. Anyway, I am trying to install the subject full MB cooler. Few questions:

1. How tight should the screws be holding this unit in? Should the rubber washers expand or just tighten slightly past where I feel resistance on turning the screws?

2. The backplate on this unit, when I screw the screws down the center of the rectangle piece on the back with the heat pads starts bending out and moving away from the chips it is cooling. If I back off on the tension until the plate is straight instead of bowing outward, there is play in the unit where I can push on the screws toward the top of the case and push the MB cooler away from the board. Perhaps this is normal however how tight should these be? Am I doing something incorrectly?

3. Which side of the block should the inlet and outlet water connections be or shouldn't it matter? I noticed the diameter internally on both are different. One shows inside a oval opening and the other more round.

4. Why was this discontinued? Age?



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Re: Rampage III Extreme how tight?

Postby charlievoviii » Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:49 pm

i'm having the same issue with their MOSFET waterblock for the Asus X79 board. It seems the plate is not the right size so it's hitting other stuffs. I will see if i can sand the corner a little with a dremel tool.

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