Trouble with MB-EVX58CF on EVGA Classified install.

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Trouble with MB-EVX58CF on EVGA Classified install.

Postby LaughingMonkey » Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:34 am

I ran into small bit of trouble installing the water block MB-EVX58CF. I think the supplied thermal pad (the thicker pinkish one 1mm?) is too thick for my motherboard. I applied thermal paste to the location described in the documentation and did a test fit and it did not look like the thermal paste was making contact with the north and southbridge chipsets (as evidenced by the lack of thermal paste being transfered to the chips). I attached all the screws with the hopes of once everything was tightened down the thermal pads would compress so that all the surfaces make contact.

I left everything to sit over night hoping that everything would squish together and I will take the screws out and see if the thermal paste is on both surfaces now. But if that did not work should I try using the thinner 0.5mm thermal padding I think I have some left over from my videocard water block install or I see that the two sizes are sold on the koolance website?

Thanks for the help

Updated 11:04pm.

I pulled the MBEVX58CF off and to my delight the thermal paste had made spread accross both surfaces. Everything looks good. Thanks for the great product Koolance and feeding my ever growing addiction to water cooling!
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