RP-980BK Pump Leaked

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Re: RP-980BK Pump Leaked

Postby Allan » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:06 pm

Ok, here's what I have:
- No mixed metals: all copper - CPU 350 AT, VID 580 and 2x 140 rad all from Koolance.
- Old fluid: could be, as it was more than one year old, but already replaced together with the new pump
- I have one cold cathode UV lamp and two Koolance UV leds, but I don't keep them on all the time.

On the previous post I linked to another topic where he said that tubing from another vendor didn't lose its color, that's why I'm thinking it may be an issue with Koolance tubing.
I have some old discolored tubing laying around, will try to scrape inside to check that. Thanks for the tip.

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