RP-402X2 Dual Loop Bleeding

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RP-402X2 Dual Loop Bleeding

Postby KoolSen » Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:42 pm

Hi! I'm new to water cooling, and I'm having some issues with the RP-402X2.

I've set up a system using an RP-402X2 in a dual loop configuration. I have installed the included bleed pipe kit. The first loop cools the CPU and chipset and uses the bottom left reservoir. The second loop cools two graphics cards and uses the top right reservoir. The first loop has been bled successfully, but I'm having trouble bleeding the second loop; there are still some rather large air bubbles in the loop.

The large bubbles visibly flow through the tube when the pump speed is increased or the case is tipped backward. At all times, medium-sized bubbles flow from the input to the output of the top right reservoir (visible at the back of the top right reservoir when looking from the front).

If I tip the case back, I can see large bubbles flow out of the 3x120mm radiator (normally physically higher than the reservoir) toward the pump. The water level in the reservoir does not lower -- it stays almost full. As soon as I tip the case back to its regular position (even if many hours have elapsed), a lot of bubbles flow out of the reservoir back into the radiator. It seems to me like the pump is just cycling air back into the loop rather than allowing it to escape into the reservoir.

Right now I have the case flat on its back so that the reservoir is the highest point in the system and the acrylic front is facing directly up, and I'm running the pump on the maximum speed. It doesn't seem that the water level is lowering, but I'm going to run it all day. I've tried tilting the case in every direction and I've been running the pumps for almost 24 hours now.

Is there anything I can do?

More information:
Loop 1: RP-402X2 (lower left) -> PMP-400 -> HX-CU1020VS -> CPU-370 -> MB-ASR4E (top) -> MB-ASR4E (bottom) -> INS-FM17N -> VL3N-M10S -> VL3N-F10S -> return
Loop 2: RP-402X2 (top right) -> PMP-400 -> HX-CU1020VS -> EVGA FTW Hydro Copper 2 -> EVGA FTW Hydro Copper 2 -> VL3N-M10S -> VL3N-F10S -> return

Order of components in the case, in vertical order from lowest to highest point in normal orientation: GPU 2, GPU1, MB lower, CPU, reservoir/pump combo, MB upper, both radiators.

I'm using 10mm ID tubing.

Thanks! :)

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