RP-452X2 Combined Reservoir Question

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RP-452X2 Combined Reservoir Question

Postby Nickson » Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:59 pm

Hi guys,

I'm currently running an RP-452X2 in single pump configuration but with the reservoirs combined, for aesthetics more than anything else.

I have a pump in P1 using both the P1 inlet and outlet.

The instructions simply state to remove the plug underneath the metal plate to merge the reservoirs. But this seems wrong to me, as the P2 reservoir simply fills up and doesn't do anything.

Should I have installed the extra plastic insert that was included with the reservoir? The 'acrylic bypass' piece?

Should I have connected the inlet on the P2 inlet instead of P1?

Just trying to work out if I have the combined reservoir setup correctly, as the instructions aren't very clear.


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Water Pistol Grunt
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Re: RP-452X2 Combined Reservoir Question

Postby Ragnarok1983 » Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:39 am

I have the same res running in serial with combined res.

P1 should be inlet and P2 outlet. On the P2 side you need to use the acrylic bypass piece to block it off.

Also on the underneath, you should remove the plug and both res will effectively share 1 tank.

However, when filling you need to have fill ports on both P1 and P2 open, so air can escape from both.

I do find that the P2 side the water seem to stagnate quite a bit, as there are no turbulence from flow.

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