680 block making gfx card bow.

Video card/GPU water cooling blocks...
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Re: 680 block making gfx card bow.

Postby nyeman » Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:34 am

Thanks Virtual. Never thought of that. I've actually tried using the factory thermal pad as it seems to be thinner and already pressed. That lessen the bend but still it bends thus switched back to the pad that came with the block. Might look into it once I have the time to pull my system down. Mounted it already with those bends in as I didn't see this going anywhere. But yeah I too was a bit disappointed on this. Was choosing between this and HK, went by an all Koolance block due to love for their DC should have listen to my gut.

Just a reference for others using the 0.7mm and the screws are not that tight

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Re: 680 block making gfx card bow.

Postby ctguy1955 » Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:53 pm

VirtualJealousy wrote:I was able to pickup a short 2.5mm machine screw and nut at radio shack that worked (Make sure to use a nylon washer). Longer 2.5mm screws also worked with screwing the EVGA Backplate and PCB to the blocks. If you're running multiple cards, the adjustable length connectors help a lot with suring up the cards.

I just ordered two sets of 2.6mm with washers so that I can attach my used Koolance VID-NX680 WC blocks to my 4 gig 680 gpu's.

Im glad it was mentioned that radio shack may have screws, so If I run into a problem with my two backplates, I wont have
to order anything more and have to wait for the parts.

I hope that mine dont bend, but if they do, oh well... as long as they work still.

VID-NX680 and Rad.jpg

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