FIX!!! For Frozen Display(s) RED 0 and buttons not working.

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FIX!!! For Frozen Display(s) RED 0 and buttons not working.

Postby sowk » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:32 am

I found this out last night...

I was changing my temp alarm setting to 80c for my first temperature sensor. and got the dreaded Frozen Display issue. I looked up on the forums and noticed there was no fix... had to RMA!

But wait there's more...

So knowing the unit is still working I proceeded to use my machine and run benchmarks a plenty.

I ran Furmark Multi-gpu extreme burn mode for 10min.

Once my 3 X GTX470 Video Cards hit 80c. it sent a signal to the EXOS v2.5 unit (beeping sound) and low and behold... It resets the display!!!

So. In other words...

1. You setup your temp in Koolance system
2. Display may Freeze (Rare)
3. You need to heat up the temp sensor to and above the setting you selected.
(If set very very high, and no way to get your computer to get that hot, take sensor out of the computer and place on a very very hot surface.) AKA. Stove/hairdryer/ect...
4. Resets the display!!! :)

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Re: FIX!!! For Frozen Display(s) RED 0 and buttons not worki

Postby [Koolance] Todd » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:14 am

We were able to duplicate this fix on two frozen displays. I can't say for sure that it will work every time, but it seems pretty consistent.

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Re: FIX!!! For Frozen Display(s) RED 0 and buttons not worki

Postby Balthazor » Mon Aug 30, 2010 9:59 am

I had this happen to me, and did an RMA. Thanks for posting the fix.
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Re: FIX!!! For Frozen Display(s) RED 0 and buttons not worki

Postby yannickhk » Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:05 am

Same here, I had to RMA my RP1000 with this problem. Thanks for the fix

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Re: FIX!!! For Frozen Display(s) RED 0 and buttons not worki

Postby PCPete » Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:13 pm

Same here - except I got the FLORD (frozen LED of red death :D ) with "2" displayed. Why is this important? Because I was adjusting sensor 1's trigger temp, left it for 3 seconds, then it switched to sensor 2 - and died. Hmmm, could be a bug in the switching code, right?

This is what I would call a fairly critical bug in the firmware. Sure, it dies when someone's around pushing the buttons (usually), so it's not likely to go off and freeze while no-one's around. And if the user has enough "naus" (pardon the pun), they can come here and dig around and see some possible fixes (verified by Koolance, I should point out, so the guys are aware of the problem!).

But given the sheer number of "false" RMAs this bug must have caused, I'm really surprised no-one at Koolance has posted a firmware update or exchange controller or whatever, so that the bug doesn't inconvenience any more of their customers. That's bug-fixing 101 (and customer satisfaction 101, BTW). Nearly everyone who's a customer of Koolance is hugely loyal (myself included!), but that's no reason to not fix these sorts of problems! More so, since this is obviously a verifiable firmware problem, easily reproduced, and just as easily fixed! So why hasn't it been fixed?

This is the second major failure of my Exos 2.5 in a week (the pump caught fire last week and burned itself to a crisp) - and no matter how many months it runs flawlessly, it's the failures and the failure rate that hurts my business - and that's what I remember!

I hope someone at Koolance can get involved and get the bug sorted. For example, I would expect the RMA process for dead Exos's to include a simple triage for FLORD failures. So far, I agree there's only anecdotal evidence this works, but that needs to change. Quicksmart.

I also note (with some exasperation :evil: ) that it's impossible to search these forums for many of the product names used by Koolance. Go ahead - try searching any forum for "exos" (in any variation - exos, exos 2.5, exos-2.5, exos V2.5, exos-v2.5, etc, etc, etc). That's supposed to be configurable in the phpBB options, so please enable indexing for your product names, guys!

I look forward to seeing a proactive fix for the FLORD issue.

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