Do I have a compete kit?

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Do I have a compete kit?

Postby croswald » Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:45 pm

First time trying water cooling, I need to know if I have everything I needed to run the best performance koolance has to offer am I missing a few little things? Or have parts that will restrict my flow? Pls help
My case is the obsidian 800d by corsair here is what I am Thinking

1 x CPU-360 CPU-360 (CPU), Rev1.2 [no nozzles]
1x VID-NX480 VID-NX480 (GTX 480), Rev.1.1 [no nozzles]
1x HX-CU1020V Radiator, 3x120mm, Copper (High Flow) [no nozzles]
1x PMP-450S Pump, PMP-450S [13mm, 1/2" ID]
1x TNK-400GBDY Reservoir, TNK-400 [no nozzles]
1x CTR-SPD24 CTR-SPD24 24V Pump Controller
1x SHR-1020BK 3x120mm Fan Radiator Shroud, Black
3 x HOS-13CL Tubing, Clear PVC, 1ft/30.5cm [ID: 13mm (1/2"); OD: 16mm (5/8")]
4 x NZL-V13BP Nozzle Pair, Barb [For ID: 13mm (1/2")]
2x LIQ-702BU-B Liquid Coolant Bottle, High-Performance, 700mL (Blue)
4 x CLM-13 Hose Clamp [For OD: 16mm (5/8")]
sub-Total: $523.20

Is this a good setup? Do I need anything els?

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