All not well in QDC land....[QDC manufacturing problem?!?]

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Re: All not well in QDC land....[QDC manufacturing problem?!?]

Postby Dunecat » Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:14 pm

zeroibis wrote:Wanted to update this thread to let people know that apparently if you do not sit around taking your QDs on and off all the time or sit on the internet to find out there is a defect in your fittings you will only discover the problem after your warranty expires. So you get the same failed orings as everyone else but then the company just rejects the warranty because it is expired. What we end up with is a company that admits that they made the product wrong but then hopes that the majority of customers do not find out about the problem until it is too late.

Which is exactly what I'm looking at right now. Mine just failed and they are out of warranty. But it's clearly a manufacturing defect and I see that these aren't even manufactured anymore. It'd be really amazing if Koolance could make it right, seeing as each one cost at least $20 -- and that's not even for the pair!

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Re: All not well in QDC land....[QDC manufacturing problem?!?]

Postby Izerous » Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:00 am

The newest ones with the sliding collars are a much nicer design. They are a lot easier to separate and the strength of the internal springs leave no doubt that they will close properly. My first QDC failure was actually while demoing at a large lan party demoing in front of a group of people.

"Look I'll shut down my system and open the QDC pair overtop of my mousepad." resulted in my limited edition white razer mouse pad having a whole lot of black UV fluid leaked all over it.

Even with the failure I still continued to use good pairs after the fact I just reduced the amount I had in the system, as I used to have them between every component for super easy maintenance. I use 3 pairs in a machine, 2 pairs in the lowest section and the 3 pair are "spares" I use to drain the system.
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