Filling a cooling system easily - without a RFS-500.

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Filling a cooling system easily - without a RFS-500.

Postby AMWild » Wed Oct 30, 2013 9:01 pm

I recently built a water cooling system in a new PC... and then spent an hour or more trying to fill it through the RP-452X2's front fill port using a length of tube ending in a funnel.

I saw the RFS-500 flush and fill station in Koolance's catalogue, and it looks fantastic, but as I'm not a professional system builder, I can hardly justify that sort of expense for something that I'll only use a few times...

However, I came up with a solution that's almost as good, and instead of costing $1,262.27 AUD plus shipping, cost me... $13.83 AUD.

I simply purchased a 5 litre pressure sprayer from my local hardware shop for $9.90 AUD, removed the hose from the wand handle and cut off about 15cm of the 1/4" hose, then removed the sprayer tip from the wand pipe and pushed about 5cm of the 1/4" OD wand into one end of the 15cm length of hose. I reattached the hose to the wand handle, and inserted a 1/4" barb (NZL-V06B) ($3.93 AUD) that I scavenged from my drain port (so it may not even count as an additional cost) into the other end of the short hose section, and screwed that into the fill port.

After a few quick pumps I pressed the trigger - and in less than five minutes, the entire loop was filled with about 3l of flushing water. No mess, no putting my hand over the end of the funnel and pushing to bounce the air out and the fluid in, no blowing into the tube with my mouth...

I haven't tried flushing my cooling loop yet, but I have no doubt that my improvised system will be up to that task too. The only thing it can't do that the RFS-500 can is to fill the cooling loop with flushing solution, then drain and fill with coolant without changing the contents of its tank. However, that takes only a few minutes, and is certainly worth a $1,248.44 AUD saving (plus the cost of the compressor that is required to blow the coolant out, as the RFS-500 doesn't have one built in) in cost. That's a 99.98%+ cost saving...

All that was wanting was that the NZL-V06B didn't have an independently rotating thread section, so it was a bit hard to screw in. If it is replaced with a 1/4" swivel lock barb (NZL-V06BS, $4.99 AUD) or a pivoting barb (FIT-P06, $8.67 AUD), or a M/F QDC pair is added, it would be ideal.

If Koolance was to offer a setup like this (perhaps without the metal wand tube, as it's a bit inconvenient), even at three to five times the price (say $40-$50 US) with all the correct fittings so that it was plug-and-go, I'm pretty sure they'd sell quite a few to the home-built watercooling crowd. I'd have bought one in a heartbeat if I hadn't had to make my own - I may still even now if they offer one - I can still use my improvised kit to spray insecticide or fertilizer if I remove the short 1/4" tube and reattatch the spray nozzle.

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